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Nikko Russo and Cooper Roads
Cooper Roads reaches down and helps Nikko Russo out of his shirt. Cooper begins licking at Nikko's nipples while his hand rubs the bulge growing in Nikko's pants. Both are soon shirtless with Cooper straddling Nikko. The two of them are intently grinding their crotches together. Cooper pulls down Nikko's underwear and immediately goes down on Nikko's thick uncut cock which continues to grow longer and harder. Nikko rolls Cooper over on the bed and pulls off his underwear. He wastes no time swallowing every inch of Cooper's dick as he strokes his own thick piece of meat. Cooper rolls over, offering his ass to Nikko and Nikko wastes no time burying his face and tongue deep in Cooper's hole. Nikko grabs some lube and applies a generous amount to his cock and Cooper's ass before slowly sliding his thick cock deep into Cooper's hole. Nikko begins rocking back and forth driving his cock as deep as it will go. From the look on Coopers face, he's definitely enjoying it. Cooper flips Nikko over, straddles his cock and sits straight down. He's soon riding hard and fast, feeling Nikko plunging deep inside him. Cooper lays back on the bed, legs in the air and Nikko continues the ass-pounding even harder and faster than before. Nikko pulls out as he gets close and coats Cooper's hole with a thick load of his cum. Cooper rolls over and licks the remaining jizz off of Nikko's dick. Cooper lays back on the bed, grabs his own cock and with a heavy, loud moan he sprays his load all over himself.


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