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Ryan Williams
22-year-old Ryan Williams is totally sold on being physically fit. He works out all the time and enjoys helping others who are interested in taking control of their body and mind to make overall improvements. His favorite part of a guy's body both for him and others is the abs. Ryan likes a guy with a really tight, fit torso. When he watches adult videos, his preference is sensual. He prefers sensual love-making versus jumping in the sack, getting in and getting off. He readily admits that when he's alone he masturbates at least three times a day. Ryan has been rubbing the bulge in his underwear during the interview and when it's over he reaches inside his shorts and starts stroking his cock. He pulls off his underwear and continues jerking while kneeling up on the bed. He rolls over onto all fours and sticks his ass up in the air with it pointed right at the camera. He's got a sweet hole that's just begging for a cock to slide right in. His heavy, cum-filled balls bounce up and down on the bed while he continues beating his thick piece of man-meat. As he gets close to exploding Ryan rolls over on the bed, lies back and with closed eyes he obviously is into whatever fantasy is playing in his mind. Ryan starts gyrating on the bed, his low-hanging nuts slowly tighten as his breathing deepens. His body becomes rigid as his cock lets loose a thick load of cum all over his six-pack abs.


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