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Nick Milani
20-year-old Nick Milani is new to the industry. He says that he's been interested in doing it since he turned 18; but school and work got in the way. Now that he's settled into his job Nick had the opportunity and he took it. Nick's body is totally ripped. He tries to work out 6 days a week and believe me it shows. As the interview concludes Nick starts tweaking his nipples. He squeezes them really hard, leaving them a little red in color. Nick stands, unbuttons his shorts and slips his hand into his underwear. As he pushes off his shorts and underwear his hard, uncut cock springs straight to attention. He lies back on the bed, squirts some lube into his hand and Nick proceeds to rub it all over his cock. Nick rolls over onto all fours, spreading his legs wide letting the camera in for a closeup of his hot, tight ass. He reaches back giving his fingers the opportunity for a little anal stimulation as he continues jacking his cock. Turning around on the bed Nick settles back and focuses on stroking his rock-hard dick. One hand tweaks his nipples to the point that drives Nick over the edge. As his balls tighten up and with a grimace on his face Nick loses his load of thick, creamy jizz all over those six-pack abs.


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