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Nick Milani and His Toy
Hunky Nick Milani returns and this time he's brought a little friend. Sitting next to the bottle of lube on the table is a dildo and Nick obviously can't wait to use it. In no time at all Nick strips out of his clothes, grabs the dildo and lube and lies back on the bed. He squirts a healthy amount of lube into his hand which he proceeds to work into his tight little hole. Nick pulls back his legs and he begins probing his fingers deeper and deeper into his ass. He grabs the dildo and slowly pushes it all the way in. Nick's uncut cock begins to stiffen the longer and faster he fucks himself with his toy. He grabs his cock with one hand and begins stroking. A drop of precum appears on the tip of his dick. He rubs the precum into the lube and keeps on stroking as his cock gets harder and harder. Nick finds that magical spot deep inside himself and after banging it with the dildo a few more times his cock erupts sending jizz flying up past his chest and down his treasure trail.


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