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Florian Mraz and Finn Harper
Florian Mraz and Finn Harper are sitting outside enjoying the fresh air. Florian abruptly stands up, grabs his crotch, announces that he's horny and motions for Finn to follow as he disappears inside. Finn lingers to finish his cigarette when Florian sticks his head out the door and insists that Finn join him inside. Our two young studs make a beeline for the sofa where they begin kissing very passionately while their hands eagerly grope at each other's body parts. Florian helps Finn remove his shirt as he leans over and begins licking Finn's nipples. Finn unzips his pants and Florian helps pull them down and we discover that Finn is sporting quite the boner. Florian wastes no time sucking down every inch of Finn's thick, uncut cock. Finn starts tweaking his nipples while he's getting a blowjob and soon, he's wanting some of Florian's man-meat. Florian leans back on the sofa, unzips his pants and out pops his thick, rock-hard cock. Finn makes quick work of Florian's dick. He licks the entire shaft and pee-hole exciting Florian even more. Oral stimulation complete, Finn climbs on top of Florian, mounts his cock and slides right down. Florian begins pushing in and out of Finn's tight hole and before long he's pounding hard and fast. Finn's cock stays stiff and at full attention the entire time Florian is fucking him. Finn ultimately winds up on his back, legs in the air and while he jacks his own cock Florian continues the prostate stimulation plowing Finn's hole even faster. Finn starts pulling his nuts and as Florian hits just the right spot Finn's dick erupts, squirting out a thick load of creamy white jizz. Florian pull's out and jacks his cock to completion coating Finn's balls, cock and abs with his own load of special sauce.


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