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Yannis Paulan and Kieran Benning
'As Robert Burns tells us "The best laid schemes o mice an men. Gang aft a-gley"... Poor Kevin had planned a scene with Yannis and Kieran, Yannis had prepared himself with his biggest dildo and then along comes Kieran who has just jerked off in a private chat with a fan and causes all the plans to go awry... Luckily the following day was free and they could reschedule... with an addition ban on Kieran from jerking off! As we would expect with these 2 guys the scene is very hot and sexy. Yannis loves big dicks and Kieran is always happy for the chance to use his. After some serious ass eating the fucking begins, gently at first until Yannis is relaxed enough to enjoy the full length and girth of his buddies fat cock and Kieran can really let go.


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