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Matthew and James


Matthew wakes up and started folding James cock. After removing the blanket he continues stroking James cock through his undies. That wakes him up really fast. James now semi-hard, takes down his undies and Matthew starts jerking and manhandling James cock, once fully hard, Matthew can't resist and starts sucking and teasing on James now hard throbbing cock. James really loves getting his cock sucked especially in the morning hour. Matthew is a real good cock-sucker as he tease James mushroom cockhead driving him nuts as Matthew holds the base of the cock and slides his hot most juicy mouth onto the cock teasing every inch and stroking the cock to keep in really rock hard. James can't take it anymore and Matthew wants a taste of his morning protein. James takes a hold of his cock and strokes steady as he blows his huge boygusher cum onto Matthews face as Matt licks up the very last drops of James shooting cum.

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