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Chaosmen compilation Part 9
Lorenzo and Wills raw Wills was ready to take on getting fucked and was willing to try bottoming his first time out. Lorenzo was just the guy to do it. It surprises me how eager Wills throws himself into sex. He clearly has a lot of experience, but for a guy who identifies as straight, he is really enjoying himself, and there is never a moment of him holding back. I am going to have to shift him into the Bi category. I don't think he has figured it out�yet! Justin Derra Solo Justin has done cam work previously, so he thought it be cool to step up his game with studio porn. He was a little surprised how much more went on, and it really was the first time someone else was in the room with him, cameras everywhere, while he jerked off. He was a tiny bit nervous. Bentley Layne and Espen Serviced Espen is young and really doesn't have too much experience. He definitely has some with girls, but with guys, he just said he was curious. Bentley Layne is more used to taking charge, but I wasn't sure what setting to start Espen in for his intro to sex with other guys. Barton and Nikolai Rapid raw I was going to have these guys flip-fuck, but Barton has gotten more of a dad-bod look. He is thicker and has his body hair, and Nikolai looked like the young twink (Despite being 23!) I knew that I needed Barton to fuck Nikolai and to be in charge. So, Barton has a bossier vibe and takes his Boy for a spin. Jake Hart Solo Jake Hart is one sexy dude! He has some aggressive ink, but is a kind and thoughtful dude. Maybe a little cocky, but with that nearly 9-inch cock of his, I guess he has reason. He doesn't identify as gay, straight or bi, but his primary interest is women. He has traveled a couple times, and on those trips, he seems to veer towards messing around with guys. The freedom of another city opening more options for him hook-up with.


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