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It Hit The Wall Part 3
Finally the doc shows up but notices that the paper was missing from the exam table...he chucked it up to one of the interns not doing his job which worked out for me. After he replaced the paper on the table I sat up and explained to him that I have a lot of pre-cum. He put me at ease and he checked my must of been racing since I was nervous as fuck. He checked my lungs and blood pressure too. For the oddest reason my dick was getting hard...this has never happened to me before..I guess cause I was gonna have my dick touched by another man? I only knew that my cock was rock solid by the time the doctor turned around to examine me further. I think even the doc was surprised to see my massive dick standing at attention. Luckily, he took the matter into his hands and started jacking me off. He knew exactly how to do it too. I could feel another load rising and building in my balls...I couldn't hold it anymore until it exploded! It came out with such force that I think it even hit the wall!


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