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Soccer Jock Physical


I managed to replace the paper on the exam table just in time cause seconds later the doc walks in for my physical. He seemed like a nice guy and made me feel very was when he checked for a hernia that made me think this was a little creepier than my last exam. He made me get off the exam table and bend over and touch my toes. I could feel his eyes penetrating right through me but I kinda liked it in a way. I could feel his warm gloved finger slip in my ass crack which strangely enough aroused me; I think that's why he made me get an erection. He stroked my cock with his gloved hand. The silicone lube and rubber glove gave me a new sensation I'd never felt before. Once he started to massage my taint I couldn't hold back the feeling of cuming so I busted all over his hand. I didn't know I had it in me to cum twice like that..I could feel the tingle in my g-spot throughout the day.

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