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No Taco Tuesday
I remember when I was a student here at the college, the cafeteria food is not always gonna agree with ya. I think Wade mighta indulged a bit too much and ate a shit ton (no pun intended) of tacos. But, I had to make sure there were no signs of food poisoning. After listening to his digestive tract I figured it was just a case of indigestion but heck, I'm horny as fuck and this ginger kid looks the type that might like it up the butt so after finger fucking him with my extra large black gloves, I spanked his ass to get it ready for a really thick burrito cock! After pounding his hole and prescribing an enema hes gonna be alright. Some of these kids gotta learn that they have to eat a balanced meal. Just cause it's taco Tuesday doesn't mean you gorge on the stuff...everything in moderation.


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