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Free Samples Part 1
There was a buzz around campus about free CBD samples so I ran down to pick up some. There was actually a line in the waiting room to get interviewed for the study. After I filled out the questionnaire, the nurse told me to wait in the exam room for the interview. I saw a cute guy waiting there so just to break the ice I asked him about CBD and he knew a lot. But, after a while we got bored and horny just waitin' so we decided to give each other a BJ just to pass the time. He was an awesome kisser but what I really wanted was to wrap my lips around his dick! I felt it throbbing thru his shorts..that's when I knew I was gonna have a good time. The more I deep throated the harder my dick got. We knew we had to hurry it up before the doctor came in so we really got down to business. He came so much it was all over my face and hair! I returned the favor and jizzed all over his face and hair too. Can't wait to bump into him in the halls.


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