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Barron stuffs Rocky


The release of Rockys first bottom scene made quite a splash - and fans have been clamoring to see more! Given Rockys handsome face, perfectly defined body, big pecs, and enthusiasm to get back on the horse for another bottom scene - it was just a matter of settling on the right guy and big cock to pair him with! Enter Barron and his stallion of a cock! Its size, girth, and excitement is on full display as Rockys face bobs up and down on it - readying it to full hilt up! Rockys new found love for getting fucked is also on demonstration here. He absolutely loved the feel of Barrons rod inside him, hard dick bouncing as Barron plows into him from behind. Most of the time he cant even touch his dick from fear of blowing his load right then and there! Rocky both cums hard from being dicked deep and furiously - and gets several mouthfuls of jizz shot into his mouth from a very satisfied Barron!

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