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Hugo and Noah pump each other
Best friends Hugo and Noah are back to delve into uncharted territories; the shoot starts with Noah being somewhat cautious and shy towards the idea of using a dildo. However after some messing and joking around with Hugo, Noah begins to relax and lathers lube all over a purple dildo. He massages his best mate's clean and hairless hole with the dildo and then begins to pump steadily. When it's Noah's turn to receive the dildo he cries out from the keenness and intensity of Hugo's work! They take turns in stroking and caressing each others' uncut cocks whilst slowly dildoing and then progress into finishing themselves off. An honourable mention goes to Hugo for nearly shooting a load of cum into his own face! By the end they are pleasantly surprised by the new sensations that they've experienced. Will we see these two lads go further in the next shoot?


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