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Give and Take
Sun beams through the bedroom window, highlighting two of the hottest young stars, Tyler Sweet and Jacob Hansens megawatt-hot bodies, as the beautiful boys get down to business! Wrapped up in a ravenous kiss, the pretty pair peel off one anothers clothes, anxious to take a taste of cock. Jacob unwraps Tyler from his tight jeans, then fills his watering mouth with the young mans massive meat. Sweet grabs the guys hair, hammering his hungry mug down deep, towards his big, bust filled balls. Then, the hard boddied muscle hottie places Hansen on the bed, and tears into his pulsing package. Sweet takes the south side suck fest even further, lighting up the boys balls and butt with his talented tongue, before offering Jacob a ride on his jock. Hansen climbs aboard, spreads his smooth seat, then stuffs the superstars schlong up his smooth chute. Sweet keeps him in the saddle by palming that perfect posterior, then pounding his pole hard, like a porny piston. Tyler is hypnotized by Hansens huge hog hanging in his face for the duration of the raunchy ride; and, he cant help but ask for a reciprocal ramming. Jacob jumps at the chance to dick Tylers tight, twunk tunnel! He tosses the gorgeous guys legs in the air, then smashes that incredible ass into sultry submission! After a punishing, pile drive dicking, Sweet returns to topping, and drives this twink all the way home! He hammers Hansen doggy style, spitting in his hot hole along the way. He slams the sluts butt till he nuts, covering that bangin backside with fresh bust. Then, the cum hungry hottie lays down and takes Jacobs fresh, jizz flood right in that handsome face of his!


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