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Ashton Summers and Caleb Gray
Our salaciously popular series, #Helix made from fan questions and requests, is back, AND packed FULL with porn star power, in the form of Fan favs Ashton Summers, and Caleb Gray! As always, the guys super fans do NOT disappoint with amazing questions, which always help us all get to know the dudes on a deeper level. After answering great questions on everything from what its like to be a part of the Helix family, athletic, and musical talents, AND they even answer what its like to watch their own scenes! Your requests of tickling, and, hanging Caleb strip Summers, then kiss that hot, jock chest really get the horny hotties going, and set this six star sex scene in motion! Calebs kisses rev Ashtons engine, setting the sex star on a porn pleasing mission with pleasure as his main objective. He wrangles his way down to Calebs colossal cock, and eats that cock like a cannibal! Not to be outdone, Gray gorges on the hot jocks Puerto Rican piece like the skilled, porn prince he is, as Ashton investigates the guys glorious gluteus with a thirsty tongue, and thick fingers. confident hes prepped the pretty boy, Summers slides that super sized slab of beef in Calebs can, then takes him on a tantric tour of hot, thrusty fuck with porn star precision. Gray cant contain his cum gusher, and launches his load, covering some serious square footage with fuck fuel. Then..... Ashton busts, blasting the boys ENTIRE back, with cream, coating him nearly up to his neck with nut. He pushes his still spitting cock back up Calebs cock hungry hole, filling his insides with primo spunk.


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