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Marc 3
Franco immobilizes straight boy Marc with ropes and wrist cuffs and begins tickling his socked feet with a soap saver. Marc tries to resist, but there's nothing he can do! All that comes out is high-pitched giggling and cackling laughter. First he threatens, then he begs and bargains, but the tickle torture continues. Franco tickles Marc on his stomach, thighs and sides with his big thick fingers, then sticks it to him in his armpits with a paintbrush. Even after undoing a few of the leg ropes, Marc still can't do a thing to make the torture stop, and when he bounces too much, Franco simply climbs on top to pin him down. Marc tries to contort his body and roll away from Franco's probing fingers, but it only leaves him breathless with nowhere to go. What Marc doesn't understand is that no surface of his body is safe, and that no matter how hard he tries to get free, he can't escape the tickle torture. Franco tickle tortures Marc's size 8 1/2 feet with a hairbrush and soap saver while he begs hopelessly for it to stop. At last, Franco milks a huge load out of Marc and tickles his bare foot with a handful of cum.


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