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It's the end of a busy day for bookstore owner Mark. He's about to close up and Macauley's the last customer left in the shop. Mark's watching Macauley on the security system, thinking how cute he is and how he'd like to bury his tongue right between those tight little buns, when he sees him slip a book inside his jacket. The guy's stealing from him! What's he going to do? Call the cops and waste another hour waiting for them to arrive? Mark has a better plan. Locking the guy inside the store, he confronts him with the evidence, then makes him pay for his crime in sweat and spunk. Mark helps himself to everything Macauley has, taking his hot hard cock in every position he knows and he doesn't let go until he's drained every last drop of cum from him. There's some hard pounding in the hardback section, slurping and sucking in biographies, swallowing in the cookery aisle - and it's all caught by the security cameras, so he can play it back the next day!


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